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Written By: Carol Reinsma “Catch me if you can,” says Storytalker.

 It’d be wonderful, quite marvelous, and better than fireworks if Storytalker told you exactly who she is.

But she is clever in her story-sending. Sometimes she is bold, telling a story through the voice of a person you know or meet. Sometimes, she is like a flash in the dark. She may whisper a story into your ear or simply into your heart. 


The Cameroon mask with the open mouth and full cheeks represents plenty. Because of these qualities, she is my picture of Storytalker

Nyabo 095

Storytalker travels the world and never rests. One after another, she pours out stories into hearts and minds, entertaining, comforting or transporting us to new places and ideas.

Before stories were written down they were told through pictures, carvings, and one person sharing with another. 

Now stories are written and shared through books, magazines, and newspapers. We also find stories on the Internet. No matter how stories are communicated, Storytalker is there.

Storytalker also whispers stories about and for children who may struggle in life. She knows that stories are helpful. But that’s only one way she works. No matter how much you have or don’t have, there is a story hole inside of you, one that needs to be fed.

Treasure every story Storytalker tells you in your ear and heart. As treasures, polish them from time to time. That means you must shine them up so that they are told in the most wonderful and exciting ways. Then share them with others.

Storytalker hopes you will enjoy some of these stories and that you will write your own. 

Chose a Proverb to write a Storytalker Animal Fable

Chose a Proverb to write a Storytalker Animal Fable

Don't insult your friends.
If you see a snake, don't tease it.
Friends are worth more than coins.
Faster is not always better

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