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Ambe and Sister Sidonee

Nothing cheered Ambe more than the dances of his little sister, Sidonee. She danced while the water boiled away for her morning tea. Her feet sashayed forward from side to side. She wiggled her bottom. Her arms and hands glided like birds flying back and forth from the trees. Ambe clapped. “Your dancing is the [...]

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Ambe and Fufu

Ambe pulled weeds out of the corn field from sun up to sun down. After a week, no nasty weeds grew between the leafy, green, corn plants. “Beautiful,” the farmer said. “I will pay you with a rabbit just as I promised.” Every brown rabbit in the farmer’s yard scurried away, but the small white [...]

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Ambe and the Storytalker

Ambe lived in a hut with his mother, father, and eight brothers and sisters. “Too many mouths to feed,” Mama said. Papa said, “Ambe is twelve-years-old now. It’s time for him to find work that brings in food.” All of Ambe’s brothers and sisters shouted, “No!” “Ambe feeds us with stories,” the youngest said. The [...]

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