Story Manager

Written By: Carol Reinsma


Carol Reinsma

Ever since Carol could remember she connected with stories. She read in trees, in chairs and with one arm around her dog, Pepper. As an elementary school teacher she loved story hour as much as the children. Her husband’s hobby is to build things, so they’ve traveled all around the world to build houses where needed. In those communities Carol has met many children. The best times are when they teach her games and songs. Their lives and stories make her life richer.

The stories you will find on these pages are not of any specific child, but have bits and pieces of their lives and culture.

When she first began to meet people from other cultures a Navajo artist told her she should think hard about how to sign her name using her initials. He told her to search the Bible for her favorite verse and then draw it somehow into her initials. It took a lot of searching and doodling, but finally, she chose Isaiah 60:1 “Arise, shine, for your light has come.” (NIV) A year before this she has visited Israel and saw the small oil lamps that were used long ago for lights. She fashioned her initials cr to look something like one of these lamps.

The verse, like many Bible verses holds new meanings from time to time. She still likes to think about the many meanings of light.