Carol Reinsma

Chicken, Chicken, Rooster

By Carol

January 30, 2019

The header picture is from a time of playing with the children who lived in a remote area in Cameroon–a place where white people are rarely seen.

The purpose of this visit was to see a clinic, but because a country school was nearby, our arrival caused a stir among the children. At first they peeked through the gate. Then, a few brave ones came closer.

A young boy approached. His study of me spoke of fear because of my skin color. Slowly, I reached out my hand. He touched it but quickly checked to make sure his hand was okay. When no harm care, he grasped my hand and would not let go.

His bravery encouraged all to surround and touch me.

And it encouraged me to have fun with them. Hokey-poky seemed like a good way to start. But a struggle began over who got to hold my hand. The boy who had taken the first brave step to touch me, now believed he had ownership. I had to promise everyone a chance to be my hand-holder. Soon, all enjoyed showing off with their dancing.

I decided the next game should not involve hand-holding, so I introduced Duck, Duck, Goose. After seeing puzzled faces, I realized these creatures were not familiar ones. I changed the names to Chicken, Chicken, Rooster, and we had fun with the game.

What barriers between people do you wish could be broken? What can you do to help?